Writer’s block

As a blogger I struggle with words, laziness and topics.

To be honest for a few weeks I’m feeling extremely incapable to write and often resort with short sentences.

But, to my extreme delight I noticed that there has been a regular audience that I’m getting and could not be more grateful.

I have always struggled with low self-esteem and the feeling of not being ‘good enough’ but, with every like and follower I earn, that feeling fades away.

Whoever took the liberty of actually reading this blog needs to know that how special they are to me.

I don’t know how many of you actually appreciate my work but, the mere thought of you guys reading my blog inspires me to write daily.

Sure, many times it’s crappy and crisp and I’m sorry for it. But, the motivation of daily updating my blog is due to you people.

Today I learned that I would touch 100 followers soon which just gives me a sort of frenzy.

Thank you a lot for your support, guys. It means a lot.




We have to be our own heroes in difficult times.

Us humans have an ego bigger than our sense which just proves how stupid we are.

We don’t agree with the possibility of actually being less sensible than our own set up bar.

This is just some vague case of denial that we disregard.

So, in the end a few words of wisdom: Tranquility can never be achieved unless we accept possibilities out of our logic.


Your thoughts

Imagine being in a world full of peace. Imagine everyone safe and happy.

Imagine everyone with a full stomach and everyone with a house.

Now, you would smile at this serene thought.

Then, you would scoff. You would think that how could human civilization develop into such a perfect place.

A little question dear reader, when you can’t even imagine a world so good, how can it become perfect.

Because as everyone says,

“Thoughts can move mountains.”


Wise old age

When the truth came out, I sighed.

It didn’t matter what happened but, the stupidity remained the same.

I wanted something else, I got something else.

I needed something else, I thought something else.

Years of experience didn’t make me sensible enough.

I received many things in life but never fully accepted that my hopes were barriers to my dreams.


No prob

Bright light adjourned the path you walked.

Reassurance never needed for you to walk alone.

It all sounds like a dream but, I know that you can live it.



I’m a cryptic soul. The world fails to amuse my senses often so I side with silence.

The blooming of flowers or the emulates they wear or the fancy of life doesn’t lure me in.

I have no desires and no anger.

I’m not burrowed in a sand of depression either.

I just live in this world and let my surroundings do the thinking.

Because often we think, happiness lies in nature when in reality it lies within our own serene nothingness.